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1721. Microsoft Positions Surface Pro as an Ultrabook That's a Tablet

1722. News Corp's Tablet Publication 'The Daily' Dead Ends

1723. Microsoft, RIM To Fight Over Remaining Slice of Mobile Pie

1724. Is T-Mobile Finally Getting the iPhone?

1725. Apple Now Offers Unlocked iPhone 5: Is It Worth the Cost?

1726. Surface Pro Prices To Start at $899, Microsoft Says

1727. Consumer Reports Grades Wireless Carriers

1728. Nokia Seeks Ban on Sale of RIM Products in Patent Licensing Dispute

1729. Microsoft Not Sitting Still with Win 8, May Intro Surface Phone

1730. Apple and Chevy To Take Siri on the Road

1731. Ericsson Sues Samsung in Licensing Dispute over Wireless Patents

1732. Is Google Readying a Chrome Touchscreen Laptop?

1733. Black Friday Becomes Black Week as Discounts Are Spread Out

1734. Scammer Faked News of Google Buying ICOA for $400M

1735. Cyber Monday Got an Early Start and Still Going Strong

1736. Should You Buy HTC's Droid DNA or Apple's iPhone 5?

1737. iPad Hotter with Kids Than the Wii U, Nielsen Says

1738. NTSB Discontinues BlackBerry, But RIM CEO Optimistic

1739. Nokia Castoff MeeGo Phone OS Re-Emerges as Jolla's Sailfish

1740. Microsoft Continues Skype Rollouts with Updated Android App


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