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1721. Is Microsoft Prepping Office for iOS and Android?

1722. New Lenovo Convertible Windows Models Cover the Spread

1723. Acer Goes Big with Its First Windows 8 Tablet

1724. AMD's New Windows 8 Tablet Chip Seeks Market Between Intel, ARM

1725. China, Huawei Rebuff House Panel's Telecom Spy Warning

1726. Sprint Wants To Make You a Star, But Will You Care?

1727. Motorola Drops Webtop Phone-as-PC Concept

1728. Whoops! Sony Xperia Tablet S Not So Splash Proof

1729. Loss of Steve Jobs Still Felt, in Culture and in Cupertino

1730. News a Big Draw for Mobile-Device Users

1731. Sprint Reportedly Mulls Counterbid for MetroPCS To Thwart T-Mobile

1732. RIM's PlayBook Still Yearns for Market Share

1733. Brisk Galaxy S III Sales Seen Even as iPhone 5 Launched

1734. T-Mobile's Acquisition of MetroPCS a 'Great Strategic Fit'

1735. Oracle Adds Three Mobile Apps to PeopleSoft

1736. iPhone 5 Issues Deal Apple's Tech-Savvy Reputation a Hit

1737. HP Takes Another Stab at Business Tablets

1738. Apple CEO Cook 'Extremely Sorry' for Maps Shortfalls

1739. RIM Results Better than Expected, But Still in Recovery

1740. AMD, BlueStacks Offer Player, Marketplace for Android Apps for PCs


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