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1721. Finally, Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launches in U.S.

1722. Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Developer Tablet Runs Latest Android

1723. Developers Favor iOS Devices Over Android, Firm Says

1724. Samsung Claims Record 300 Million Phone Sales

1725. AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Is On Hold

1726. EU Temporarily Halts Review of Google's Motorola Bid

1727. HP Gives webOS Platform To Open-Source Community

1728. More Drivers Texted In 2010, Say Highway Officials

1729. Verizon 'Looking Forward' After Fixing Second LTE Glitch

1730. AT&T On Track To Break Smartphone Sales Record

1731. $99 Chinese Tablet Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

1732. IBM Rolls Out Social Enterprise Mobile Apps

1733. Android Market Marks 10 Billion Served with Dime Downloads

1734. Verizon Adds 4G LTE Droid Xyboard Tablets

1735. Dell Kills Streak as Apple Competitors Continue To Flounder

1736. Security Researcher Says Carrier IQ Charges Contain 'Misinformation'

1737. RIM Devalues Playbook Inventory by $485 Million

1738. Verizon Spends $3.6 Billion To Buy Cable's Spectrum

1739. Siri's Abortion Clinic Ignorance Brings Protests

1740. 77% of iPhone 4S Users 'Highly Satisfied'


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