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1721. RIM Devalues Playbook Inventory by $485 Million

1722. Verizon Spends $3.6 Billion To Buy Cable's Spectrum

1723. Siri's Abortion Clinic Ignorance Brings Protests

1724. 77% of iPhone 4S Users 'Highly Satisfied'

1725. Google Maps Is Going Indoors

1726. Are Your Smartphone Keystrokes Being Copied and Transmitted?

1727. FCC Merger Report Release "Improper," AT&T Claims

1728. Interest in Coming Windows 8 Tablets Plummets

1729. RIM's New Management Platform Includes Apple, Android Devices

1730. LG's Nitro HD Is AT&T's Third LTE Smartphone

1731. AT&T, T-Mobile Aren't Giving Up on Merger

1732. Samsung Promises Galaxy Nexus Volume-Bug Fix

1733. China Overtakes U.S. as World's Largest Smartphone Market

1734. FCC Chairman Opposes AT&T Merger with T-Mobile

1735. Prices Are Dropping on Chromebooks

1736. Is Android Market Secure or Not?

1737. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Draws European Customer Outrage

1738. AT&T Bundles Samsung Tab and Smartphone

1739. Android Market Lousy With Malware, Says Juniper

1740. Apple's iPhone Eclipses BlackBerry in Enterprise Survey


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