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1. OnePlus One Smartphone Boasts 'Secret' Android Weapon

2. Samsung: $2.2B Excessive for Apple Patents

3. Review: Windows Phone Advances with 8.1 Update

4. Microsoft Acquisition of Nokia Devices To Close this Week

5. Samsung Data Center Fire Takes Down Consumer Services

6. Google To Sell Basic Version of Modular Smartphone

7. Review: Siri-Like Cortana Fills Windows Phone Gap

8. With Galaxy S5, Samsung Proves Less Can Be More

9. Facebook Rolls Out Potentially Intrusive Location-Sharing

10. Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

11. Amazon 3D Smartphone Pics Leaked

12. Zebra Tech Buys Motorola Enterprise for $3.45B

13. CTIA Caves, Volunteers Kill Switch Plan

14. Is Amazon Launching a 3D Smartphone?

15. Review: S5 Features Useful, Less About Gimmicks

16. Analyst: Samsung Galaxy S5 Won't Sway iPhone Lovers

17. Start-Up Promises Smartphone Charging in 30 Seconds

18. Samsung Adding Anti-Theft Solutions to Smartphones

19. HTC Loses $62M, Pins Hopes on M8 Sales

20. Qualcomm's Next-Gen Snapdragons To Super Power Mobile Devices


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