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1. UPS Testing Drones for Use In Its Package Delivery System

2. SanDisk Preps World's First 1 Terabyte SDXC Memory Card

3. Samsung Suffers Backlash in China Over Smartphone Response

4. Replacements Available for Recalled Samsung Note 7

5. AT&T Testing AirGig for Ultra Fast Internet over Power Lines

6. Comcast Plans To Launch Wireless Service Next Year

7. Google Expected To Unveil New Pixel Smartphones on Oct. 4

8. Samsung Says China Phone Fire Caused by External Heat

9. Samsung's Note 7 Battery Problem Expands to China

10. Recall Alert: What To Do If You Own a Samsung Galaxy Note7

11. Self-Driving Uber: How I Learned Not To Worry and Trust the Tech

12. U.S. Regulators: Official Recall of 1M Samsung Note 7 Phones

13. As iPhone 7 Goes on Sale, iOS 10 Bug Hits T-Mobile Users

14. Cisco and Apple Collaboration Pushes Enterprise Features in iOS 10

15. Review: The iPhone 7 Is Just Fine, Even If It Doesn't Wow

16. Autopilot Changes Could Boost Confidence in Tesla

17. Uber Gives Riders a Preview of the Driverless Future

18. Samsung's Quick Fix for Galaxy Note 7 Is No Full Recharge

19. iOS 10: Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Apple's Software

20. Pre-Orders of iPhone 7 Are 'Biggest Ever,' Say Sprint and T-Mobile


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