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1. Apple Unveils Upcoming iOS 11 iPad Capabilities in New Videos

2. Comcast Completes Xfinity Mobile Rollout in U.S.

3. T-Mobile Aims To Slay Verizon, AT&T with First 600 MHz LTE Network

4. Surface Tablets Ready To Go Long, Officiating NFL Games

5. Nanochip Could Heal Injuries or Regrow Organs with One Touch

6. Leaked Images Confirm Details about Coming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

7. Google Cuts Pixel Phone Price, Facing Commercial Suicide?

8. Will the iPhone 8 Be Able To Scan Your Face?

9. Samsung Note 9 May Feature Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

10. Robocall Relief: Feds and Carriers Step Up the Fight

11. Employer Surveillance Now Common and Accepted

12. Chip Party: Wisconsin Firm Celebrates Microchipping Workers

13. Leaked Images Give Sneak Peek at Samsung's Coming Galaxy Note 8

14. Apple iPhone 8 Leaks: Wireless Charging, No Rear Touch ID

15. USB 3.2 Aims To Double Data Transfer Speeds for New Devices

16. New York Eyes 'Textalyzer' To Bust Distracted Drivers

17. Developer Alert: Android O Final Preview and iOS 11 Beta 4 Roll Out

18. Creepy or Convenient? Tech Firm To Implant Microchips in Employees

19. Hi Bixby: Samsung Phone's Voice Assistant Learns English

20. Google Revives Glass with Enterprise Edition 2.0


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