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1. Chaotic Moon Introduces Biosensor Tattoos

2. Sturdy, Sleek, Small Action Cameras Abound

3. Apple Buys Visual Effects Firm Faceshift, Tech Used in Star Wars

4. Blue Origin Successfully Lands Reusable Rocket

5. Better Batteries To Beat Global Warming: A Race Against Time

6. HP Teams with Watchmakers Titan and Movado on New Smart Watches

7. Tech Needed To Boost Retail Sales, Salesforce Says

8. Apple Wins DRM Patent Lawsuit Against ContentGuard

9. Old Laws Collide with Digital Reality in Teen Sexting Cases

10. Samsung's Gear VR System Hits Store Shelves

11. Covert Android Communications App May Share Secret Data

12. Bezos Ready and Excited for Blue Origin's Next Steps

13. Dojo Product Keeps Smart Home Devices Safe

14. Sprint Makes 'Historic' Wireless Offer To New Customers

15. Google Cuts App Prices in Emerging Countries

16. Ford's Sync Connect App Lets You Start Your Car Remotely

17. Post-Paris Attacks, IBM Launches First Responder App Contest

18. Microsoft Delays Tool That Brings Android Apps to Windows

19. Huawei Promises 10 Times Faster Smartphone Battery Charging

20. Five Things To Know About Apple's New iPad Pro


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