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1. Apple TV Could Be Delayed by Quest for Local Programs

2. Salesforce Rolls Out Next-Gen Community Cloud

3. Chromebook Sales Could Top 7 Million This Year

4. Not Your Ma's Bell: AT&T Evolves Beyond Phones

5. Adblock Plus Rolls Out Ad-Blocking Android Browser

6. LG Introduces Mid-Range G4 Stylus, G4c

7. Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro, iMac

8. Microsoft Debuts Touch-Controlled Office Apps for Android Phones

9. Tech Giants Urge Obama To End Phone Spying

10. Google To Add 'Buy' Button to Mobile Searches

11. Samsung Wallet Shut Down, Samsung Pay Coming

12. Appeals Court Cuts Apple's Patent Award Against Samsung

13. Apple Buys Yet Another Mapping Technology Company

14. LG and Verizon Launch LG Lancet Windows Phone

15. Following Google, Microsoft's Bing To Favor Mobile-Friendly Sites

16. Amazon Launching Mobile Ad Network

17. Samsung Announces New Push into Internet-Connected Gadgets

18. US Mobile Users Opt for Facebook, Instagram

19. BitTorrent Wants To Bleep Your Private Messages

20. MediaTek Debuts 10-Core Mobile Processor


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