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1. Smartphone Health: Apple Releases Software for Medical Apps

2. Review: Kindle Oasis Aims at Avid Readers, Pricey for Others

3. Flaw in Waze Navigation App Lets Hackers Track You

4. Dubai Pushes the Pedal to the Metal on Driverless Cars

5. Google Reportedly Launching New Hardware Division

6. New HP Chromebook Aims at MacBook Air

7. Updated Google Calendar Adds 'Find a Time' Feature for Meetings

8. Apple Investors Worry About Decline in iPhone Sales

9. Gmail Android App Adds Microsoft Exchange Support

10. Microsoft's Word Flow Keyboard Comes to iOS

11. Ready, Set, Think! Mind-Controlled Drones Race to the Future

12. Chinese Electric Car Maker Enters U.S. Market by Selling Buses

13. Acer Unveils Durable Chromebook 14 for Work

14. Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Group Calling

15. Drone Collision with Jet Highlights Growing Aviation Danger

16. Apple Hits Back Against FBI in New York iPhone Feud

17. Hackers Can Listen To Calls Knowing Only Your Phone Number

18. Intel Unveils Apollo Lake System-on-Chip Platform for Low-Cost PCs

19. Review: Apple's Smaller, Newer iPad Pro Is a Terrific Tablet

20. High-Tech Boston Area in Legal Bind on Driverless-Car Tests


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