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1. Intelligent Energy Planning Phone Batteries with a Week-Long Life

2. AT&T To Test 5G Wireless, 100 Times Faster than 4G LTE

3. Qualcomm Pushing Out New Snapdragon Processors

4. Acer To Bundle Microsoft Apps on Android Smartphones, Tablets

5. 1Password for Android Adds Support for Fingerprint Unlock

6. Is Verizon's go90 Better than T-Mobile's Binge On?

7. Big US Banks Rolling Out ATMs that Take Smartphones, Not Cards

8. What's Turning iPhones into Useless Bricks?

9. Making Sure Facebook Works at the Super Bowl

10. Mozilla To Shut Down Firefox Mobile OS

11. CEO Tim Cook Hints at More Apple Services for Android

12. Vaio Releases 'Phone Biz' Handset for Business Use

13. Zagg Buys Battery Pack Maker Mophie

14. Microsoft Confirms Purchase of AI Company Swiftkey

15. Super Bowl 50 Shines Spotlight on Silicon Valley's Technology Innovation

16. T-Mobile's LTE Wireless Network Faster than Verizon -- But Not Much

17. Hot News and Debuts Expected at 2016 Mobile World Congress

18. Drone Schools Spread in China To Field Pilots for New Sector

19. Google's SkyBender Drones Could Deliver 5G Internet

20. Q&A: Ayse Ildeniz, Intel's New Devices Group


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