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1. Apple Patent for Smart Watch Comes to Light

2. Will iPhone 6 Cannibalize Apple's Tablet Sales?

3. Axed Nokia X Phones Suffered from Lack of Identity

4. GoTenna Gives Work-Around for Smartphone Dead Zones

5. Microsoft Says Goodbye to Android and Feature Phones

6. Apple-IBM Deal Weighs on BlackBerry Shares

7. Google Adds Ability To Manage Gift Cards in Wallet App

8. Samsung Phone Sales Squeezed High and Low, Study Says

9. Facebook To Track Users' TV-Viewing Habits

10. Google Glass Creator Moves to Amazon

11. Challenging Chromebooks, Microsoft Touts $199 Laptop

12. Apple iWatch Set To Rock Smart Watch Market

13. Samsung App Store Now 'Galaxy Apps'

14. Web Videos Show Supposed Sapphire Screen for iPhone 6

15. LG Unrolls a TV Screen That Rolls Up

16. Silent Circle Ends Phone Roaming Charges

17. LinkedIn Replaces Contacts App with New 'Connected'

18. Is Apple Dumping iPhones on eBay in Advance of iPhone 6?

19. Think You've Wiped Those Old Android Phones? Think Again

20. Another Day, Another Internet of Things Consortium Is Born


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