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Cousin Fair:
Posted: 2012-11-22 @ 4:49am PT
Fully-fledged versatile no-tracking no-spying and long-trusted OS: Insanely-long support useful life-cycle, more hardware-vendor choices, one-OS one-user-interface for all your computer devices (from phone, tablet, notebook, desktop, all-in-one, TV, car ...? from 4" to 152"?)

Nick in Washington:
Posted: 2012-11-21 @ 5:32am PT
Got the lumia 822 3 days agovfrom Verizon and havnt looked back. Was an iPhone user for 4 years.

Posted: 2012-11-15 @ 8:41pm PT
I don't get why there can be only 2 top phone OS systems... Android has 60% of the shares because they are available in many form factors. There are 4 major phone providers in the US (ATT, VERIZON, SPRINT, TMOBILE) and many other smaller ones. So if there can be that many providers; there can be that many OS providers. As for the 700000+ apps... I need quality not quantity. Good games and apps worth something are of more value than 100s of battery apps; memory apps and such. So I think Windows 8 has a great chance (BTW -- it's totally sold out for ATT - major back order). And since their OS can be on any device see more and more people opting to try something different. People aren't the lemmings that everyone makes them out to be; they just haven't had many great choices --- now they do.

Dan K:
Posted: 2012-11-15 @ 6:35pm PT
Windows phone 8 is great! The lumia 920 is awesome. I believe MS will start to gain some ground with the new OS and the phone manufactures that have come aboard.

Having owned all three devices (iphone, android and now WP8) I can say without a doubt WP8 is my favorite. I can also say, Android sucks! Not even in the same ballpark as iOS and WP8.

All the articles go on and on about the lack of apps. Im on my phone all day. Email, text, web etc. etc. I use maybe 6-7 apps regularly. Out of the 750,000 apps available, about 100 are worth buying.

@ John S, don't forget, it was just a few years ago, literally like 3 or 4 years, that Nokia had something like 90% of the market... 90%!!!

Dylan M:
Posted: 2012-11-15 @ 2:25pm PT
I love my Razr Maxx and falling in love with windows 8 on my home computer. hint hint Razr Maxx with windows 8 hint hint

John S:
Posted: 2012-11-15 @ 1:22pm PT
Takes a lot to convince a buying public that a underdog like Windows phones is worth a chance. Given that Android holds 60 some percent and Apple 35 or so percent. If you do the math, unless Microsoft can steal away Android or iPhone users its doubtful Windows phones can survive.


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