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Wednesday June 29, 2016
Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 Chips Ready To Tango with Google
Chipmaker Qualcomm is expanding its support for Google’s new mobile VR tech, Project Tango, which will be supported on its Snapdragon 820 processor, and future Snapdragon 600 and 800 chips.

HP Chromebook 11 G5 Comes With Optional Touchscreen
Set to arrive in retail stores this fall, HP's new Chromebook 11 G5, weighing in at 2.51 pounds, will be priced starting at just $189, although the addition of a touchscreen will bring the cost up to $269.

Sources Say Google Prepping Its Own Smartphones: This Could Get Messy
While Google's Android operating system rules the software side of the mobile world, Apple's iPhone is the undisputed 800-pound gorilla in mobile hardware. But Google may challenge the status quo.

Can Google Glass Help Autistic Children Read Faces?
Reading emotions in people's faces is one of the biggest challenges for autistic children. Now they may be getting help from "autism glass," an experimental device that runs on Google Glass.

How To Decide When Your Self-Driving Car Should Kill You
If the situation arises, self-driving cars will need to know whether it's better to mow down a group of pedestrians or spare their lives by steering off the road, killing all passengers onboard.

Agency Hopes Apps Will Keep Drones Away from Wildfires
Hobby drone ownership has spiked, and more and more of the devices have been spotted flying illegally over active wildfires, where they endanger the airplanes and helicopters used to battle the blazes.

How Do You Teach Human Interaction to a Robot? Lots of TV
Remember the Jetsons' robot maid, Rosie? Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers think her future real-life incarnations can learn a thing or two from Steve Carell and other sitcom stars.

Will WhatsApp Win Messaging Wars? What Is WhatsApp Anyway?
Backed by the social influence of Facebook, WhatsApp appears poised to have an even greater impact on the global messaging market. WhatsApp now supports more than 100 million voice calls every day.

What Do iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Mean for Apple Users?
Apple executives have shared plenty of details for devs about the coming operating system updates for iPhones, Macs and other devices. But what will iOS and macOS Sierra mean for Apple users?



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