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Tuesday December 1, 2015
AT&T Raises Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans
While AT&T hasn't offered unlimited data wireless plans for several years, it still has customers grandfathered into those plans. Soon, they'll be charged $5 more per month to keep those plans.

Apple Might Drop Standard Headphone Jack on iPhone 7
The release of Apple's iPhone 7 might be nearly a year away but rumors are circulating that the firm might ditch the standard headphone jack in favor of a thinner, proprietary Lightning connector.

Digital Wallets: How Merchants Can Tap Mobile to Draw Shoppers
Most digital wallet players to date have been focused on the wrong objective -- speedier payment -- not an improved mechanism for consumers to shop, spend, save and engage with their favorite retailers.

New Li-Fi Technology Is Light Years Faster than Wi-Fi
A startup with offices in India and Estonia is developing a smart LED light bulb that can also act as a wireless hotspot via light-based Li-Fi rather than Wi-Fi. The tech has reached speeds of 224 Gbps in the lab.

Apple CarPlay: Intuitive or Distracting?
Honda's Accord is one of a number of cars that can be outfitted with Apple CarPlay or Google's Android Auto, smart infotainment systems that transform cars into Internet-connected mobile devices.

BlackBerry Defies Pakistan's Backdoor Demands, Leaves Country
Canadian handset maker Blackberry isn't playing around with privacy in Pakistan. The firm is ceasing operations there rather than give Pakistan access to its Enterprise Service e-mails and BBM chats.

Microsoft Unveils PowerApps Development Platform
Redmond wants to turn more of its business users into mobile app developers, even if they can’t write a single line of code. To that end, Microsoft has unveiled a preview version of its new PowerApps tool.

Gift Guide: Gadgets That Make Your Wrist Smarter
If you're looking for a device to track your fitness, alert you to incoming messages and occasionally let you buy stuff with a scan or a tap, there's no shortage of computerized wristwatches to choose from.

Give the Gift of Tech Charging Built Into Bags, Wallets
Just in time for gift-giving season comes a selection of handbags, wallets and backpacks with charging tech built in. Consider one of these for just the right power-challenged recipient.



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