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Monday February 8, 2016
Big US Banks Rolling Out ATMs that Take Smartphones, Not Cards
Over the next few months, the nation's three biggest banks will start rolling out ATMs that will let customers withdraw currency using only their smartphones instead of debit cards and PINs.

What's Turning iPhones into Useless Bricks?
iPhone owners who use third-party repair services are finding their devices can suddenly become useless "bricks" after they update iOS. Apple says the issue is related to the Touch ID feature.

Making Sure Facebook Works at the Super Bowl
It's the pain of crowds: Texts, posts and streams take forever or just can't get through. Phone companies are gearing up to try to ensure those things don't happen to users at the Super Bowl this year.

Mozilla To Shut Down Firefox Mobile OS
Citing a desire to gain a foothold in the growing market for the Internet of Things, the leadership of Mozilla has decided to stop development efforts on its Firefox smartphone operating system.

CEO Tim Cook Hints at More Apple Services for Android
Recent remarks by Apple CEO Tim Cook appear to indicate that the Apple Music service might be the company's toe in the water for other Apple services that also work on Android devices.

Vaio Releases 'Phone Biz' Handset for Business Use
Do biz users need a phone that's tailored to their needs? Vaio is betting that they do. The firm just released details about a Windows 10-based phone with many features found in Vaio’s laptops.

Zagg Buys Battery Pack Maker Mophie
Two of the largest makers of mobile accessories are teaming up. Zagg is acquiring Mophie for $100 million. Zagg is best known for its screen protectors and Mophie for its battery cases.

Microsoft Confirms Purchase of AI Company Swiftkey
Redmond has confirmed that it has acquired London-based Swiftkey, which makes a predictive keyboard powered by artificial intelligence used on hundreds of millions of smartphones.

Super Bowl 50 Shines Spotlight on Silicon Valley's Technology Innovation
When the cheers erupt for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, the spotlight won't just be on the biggest game in the football season, but on tech companies that helped generate buzz.



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