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Wednesday March 21, 2018
Report: Apple Is Developing its MicroLED Screens
Reports say Apple is running a secret manufacturing facility close to its Cupertino headquarters dedicated to developing and testing MicroLED screens, which will allow for thinner screens.

New Flavor of Raspberry Pi 3 Is Unleashed
A new version of the Raspberry Pi 3 is here, with a faster processor and notable improvements on the connectivity front. A new heat spreader allows for a higher clock speed to be reached.

California Right To Repair Bill Takes Aim at Gadget Makers
Fixers and repair shops in California have had to repair devices like an iPhone without direct help from creators like Apple for several years. Now, a state legislator is trying to change that.

Google Releases First Developer Preview of Android P
Devs can now take a preview version of the Android P mobile OS for a test drive, but only if they have official Android Emulators or Pixel devices. However, this preview won't be supported on Nexus devices.

Review: The Samsung S9 Has a Great Camera. Is That Enough?
Smartphone maker Samsung says its new Galaxy S9 phone features a "reimagined" camera, and it is indeed pretty darned good. But you might not want to shell out $720 or more for one just yet.

AirPods, But Bigger and Better? Reports Say Headphones Ahead
After the surprising success of its wireless AirPod earphones, Apple is planning to double down with noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones with a release date aimed for the end of this year.

New Patent Battle: BlackBerry Sues Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
Self-styled 'mobile communications innovator for 30 years' BlackBerry is suing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for violating patents related to its BlackBerry Messenger mobile app.

What To Expect from Microsoft's Surface Pro with LTE
Featuring a 7th-gen Intel Core processor and SIM/eSIM support, the Microsoft Surface Pro with an option for advanced LTE connectivity is available for ordering in the U.S., and is set to start shipping May 1.

Meet Loomo, Segway's New AI Robot Companion
Introducing Loomo: Segway Robotics' Indiegogo campaign is taking our wildest dreams of owning a smart and loyal robot companion and matching them up with all the tech that 2018 has to offer.



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