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Friday August 18, 2017
Comcast Completes Xfinity Mobile Rollout in U.S.
Cable operator Comcast's new cellphone service is now available in all its U.S. markets. Xfinity Mobile can save consumers 30 percent on wireless bills by connecting to a nationwide WiFi network.

T-Mobile Aims To Slay Verizon, AT&T with First 600 MHz LTE Network
Watch out AT&T and Verizon. Just months after paying nearly $8 billion for low-band spectrum during an FCC auction, T-Mobile is deploying the world's first 600 MHz LTE network, this one in Wyoming.

Surface Tablets Ready To Go Long, Officiating NFL Games
The NFL has decided to use Microsoft Surface tablets for referees to watch replays, saying that Microsoft has been very sensitive to the needs of the league needs to get the job done.

Nanochip Could Heal Injuries or Regrow Organs with One Touch
Novel nanochip technology could represent a breakthrough in repairing injured or aging tissue, delivering genes to skin cells beneath it -- turning them into different types of cells.

Leaked Images Confirm Details about Coming Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Ahead of the Aug. 23 debut of the Galaxy Note 8, leaked images show Samsung's latest smartphone will most likely feature a rear fingerprint sensor alongside dual cameras and will come in eight colors.

Google Cuts Pixel Phone Price, Facing Commercial Suicide?
Ahead of the expected October launch of its second-generation Pixel smartphones, Google is dropping the price on current models. In the meantime, one industry watcher sees "serious problems ahead" for Pixel 2.

Will the iPhone 8 Be Able To Scan Your Face?
The iPhone 8 reveal is almost here, and we will soon get our first official look at the latest flagship. In the meantime, speculation continues to mount. Here's what we learned from the most recent leaks.

Samsung Note 9 May Feature Embedded Fingerprint Sensor
While Apple has called it quits on the idea of an embedded fingerprint sensor to arrive on this year's iPhone, Samsung might be working on the feature for next year's Note 9.

Robocall Relief: Feds and Carriers Step Up the Fight
Enough is enough. Cellphones have added new tools to counteract unwanted robocalls, and now, the FCC has a plan to enable phone companies to block more spam and deter scammers with big fines.



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