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Tuesday May 24, 2016
OtterBox Rolls Out iPhone Case With Expansion Capabilities
In addition to protecting your iPhone, the new uniVerse Case System from Otterbox also promises to let you expand its battery life, improve its sound quality, as well as add other functionality.

Google Aims To Get Rid of Passwords for Android Apps
Project Abacus, Google's plan to end passwords on Android, will see real-world tests next month when several financial institutions will test a Trust API that uses machine intelligence for user authentication.

Jury Hears Closing Arguments in Oracle-Google Copyright Case
A long-standing lawsuit that claims Google's Android OS infringes on Oracle's Java copyright is heading to a jury. Previous court decisions in Google's favor have been partially reversed.

Google's New Smart Products Might Force Changes to Ad Business
For consumers seeking convenience and speed, Google's latest technological marvels sound great. But how will turning into an omnipresent virtual assistant make Google money?

Google Creates Science App for Kids and Educators
A new Android app from Google is aiming to turn kids’ smartphones into mobile data recorders to help them become more engaged in the scientific process. The app acts as a digital science notebook.

Apple Is Reportedly Ramping Up iPhone 7 Production
Will the next iteration of the iPhone be a hit or a miss? That remains to be seen. But Apple is reportedly expecting high demand for its new iPhone 7 and is asking suppliers to boost production.

Opportunities and Hurdles with Google's Daydream VR Vision
Upcoming virtual-reality headsets based on Google's new Daydream VR system won't be as sophisticated as Facebook's Oculus Rift. But they could give people a taste of VR and make it affordable.

Why Your Phone May Never Get Android's Latest Features
Better graphics and the ability to run two apps side by side are coming to Google's latest version of Android, dubbed N. But chances are good that this free software update won't be yours anytime soon.

Will Robot Cars Drive Traffic Congestion Off a Cliff?
Self-driving cars are expected to usher in an exciting new era of mobility, safety and convenience. The problem, say various transportation researchers, is that people will use them too much.



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